We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts and experienced developers who believes that data privacy is the basis of a healthy society. We are committed to a fair and just use of data and we support projects that share our values (Privacy, Fairness and Transparency).




Oasis is a privacy-enabled blockchain built for a responsible and user-owned data economy. By combining confidential computing and blockchain technology Oasis Network enables a new paradigm called Tokenized Data. With Tokenized Data, users can earn rewards by offering their data for analysis or control how their most sensitive information is consumed by the services they use. The Oasis Network can power the next generation of privacy-first applications and unlock a new responsible data society.


Join US

We run a secure and reliable OASIS validator node, trusted by multiple delegators, including OASIS Foundation and core contributors. If you want to be one of our delegators please find more information here. A simple way to join us is to acquire ROSE tokens on Coinlist or Binance and then delegate them with Oasiswallet or Bitpie. Follow the performance of OxNode validator on oasiscan.com